In the months leading up to the opening of our NEW downtown studio, the Creation District is thrilled to introduce its new roving, pop-up studio program, Creation District Street ARTreach!

Based out of a newly remodeled moving van, Street ARTreach will deliver a fully stocked pop-up art and music studio to scattered sites around the Sacramento region to increase artistic accessibility to youth experiencing homelessness and income inequality. Each visit from the Street ARTreach program lasts approximately three hours and includes exploratory Open Studio time, a high quality Creative Workshop led by one of our Spotlight Artists, and a culminating Open Stage session for youth to showcase their creations.

The Creation District Street ARTreach mission is rooted in the pillars of Artistic Accessibility, Creative Camaraderie, Wild Experimentation, and Radical Self Expression. We believe that art is only art when it is made free and accessible to all. Are you with us? Join the Creative Revolution TODAY and get your hands messy with the Creation District’s new Street ARTreach program!