We believe that when you walk through these doors, you are an artist. Come celebrate your indisputable ability to create meaning out of the world around you.

We believe that the best parts of life are messy, chaotic, and loud. You are encouraged to not only color, but to live outside the lines.

We believe that we are, all of us, storytellers. We each have a fierce yearning to have our stories heard, a yearning that teaches us that no story is small.

We believe in shushing the naysayers. They will tell us that our dreams are unrealistic. Let’s have fun proving them wrong.

We believe in seeking a calm space as much as chaotic space- creating peace as often as creating ruckus.

We believe that each one of us is a force to be reckoned with.

We believe that it is our human right to be heard, affirmed, and welcomed as one who shares in the human condition.

We believe in finding the guts to act on your impulses and inspirations. We believe in backtalking the censor inside each of us.

We believe in community and creating a team that works co-creatively with each other.

We believe that art is best when it is unpretentious and accessible to all.

We believe that the process of creating art is more important than the end product- from the nuts and bolts of setting up the stage or framing the photograph to the final bow as the curtain closes. Just like life, art is a process that should be enjoyed.