Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the Creation District is a safe haven and hub of creativity offering dynamic classes in a wide range of arts to youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and economic instability. Our studio is housed in the new 14,000-square-foot Wind Collaborative Center and produces a packed calendar of daily creative programming. The Creation District believes that community connections are paramount in helping youth permanently overcome homelessness by setting them up with a stable and ever-growing network of support. In order to begin building a community of support, the Creation District partners with local artists to lead workshops illuminating their craft and showing how the rules of art can mirror the rules of life.

Inside our studio walls, we also offer a wide range of Open Creation so that youth may play and experiment without the guidance of a workshop. Open Studio, Music Experimentation Lab, and Open Stage sessions are scheduled multiple times throughout the week and we encourage absolute creative freedom and expression. The work made at the District will not stay locked behind studio doors or forgotten within a hallway display case; instead, their art will be showcased in the community where Sacramento’s young people can have their voices heard and their stories honored. Outdoor busking markets, pop-up concerts, showcases, and guerilla art projects are just a few ways you may interact with our creations out in the world.

At the Creation District, we invite all youth and young adults across the borders of neighborhood, class, culture, and orientation to share space and wrestle with the challenges and possibilities of life. Be it Radical Self Love Through Visual Journaling, Finding Your Voice, Responsibilities of a Global Citizen, Stand-Up Comedy, Self Advocacy Through Improv, or any title from our collection of unorthodox classes, it will leave our youth with a sense of enriched wonder for the world around them and genuine enthusiasm for how they can make it greater.

In this District, we believe that life is about hitting the pause button, putting electronic devices on permanent airplane mode, creating something big, and having a direct experience with the world around us. Every moment is an opportunity; why not take advantage of this one by signing up for a class today? And if you’re not sure, stop by anytime and observe a class. We look forward to seeing you!