The Creation District offers creative classes in a range of arts. We invite all youth and young adults, nurturing a community that reaches across the borders of neighborhood, class, culture, and orientation. We get people that too often don't cross paths into the same space to talk about the challenges and possibiities of this life. Each class addresses an issue relevant to being human. Be it Radical Self Love, Responsibilities of a Global Citizen, Self Advocacy, or any title from our collection of unorthodox classes, it will leave you with a sense of enriched wonder for the world around you and sparked energy for how you can make it greater.

At the Creation District, we believe that success is not measured by a paycheck, but rather by dreams reached, truths shared, opportunities claimed, and wholeness. That is why we are beckoning a cadre of young people to tackle community issues and opportunities together so that each youth awakens to the blessings of his or her experience and claims the strengths honed. Our dialogue and our art will not only uplift the individual, but also lead to larger creations that educate and build community. The work made at the District will not stay locked behind studio doors or tacked to a hallway display case, but will be brought out into the community, creating an opportunity for Sacramento’s young people to have a platform where they can have their voices heard and their stories honored.

Any individual can sign up for a single class, camp, or program at The Creation District and participating schools and institutions may also partner with the District to connect students to classes or participate in our innovative community leadership program to complete community service requirements. Depending on income status, you may be eligible for a full scholarship to The Creation District allowing you to participate in any class free of charge. In the field of art, all comers are welcome. Pedigree does not count, and creativity is paramount. No artist will be left behind for lack of income or school connection.

In addition to offering regular classes, The Creation District will offer Open Studio Nights, Summer Camps, and Winter Intercession Classes.

In this District, we believe that life is about hitting the pause button, putting electronic devices on permanent airplane mode, creating something big, and having a direct experience with the world around you. Every moment is an opportunity; why not take advantage of this one by signing up for a class today? And if you’re not sure, stop by anytime and observe a class. We look forward to seeing you!