Every dime that the Creation District receives goes to ensure that youth experiencing homelessness or in financial hardship are able to have access to the same vibrant programming that every young person deserves. Workshops, classes, and events at our downtown studio location are always free for youth accessing drop-in center services. Every camp, trip, festival, or excursion offered through the Creation District has scholarship spots set aside for youth who would otherwise never have an opportunity to participate this program.

The Creation District is a program of Waking The Village, the 501(c)3 nonprofit that runs Tubman House and Art Beast Children's Studio. All donations made to Waking the Village sustain programming for youth and young adults overcoming homelessness, poverty,  and trauma. When making a PayPal donation specifically for the Creation District, just note our program name in the notes section and we'll make sure your investment ends up in the right spot!

The Creation District thrives on a mixture of grants, revenue generated by community events, and the generous donations of community members invested in creating equal opportunities for young people to dream big.

Want a better idea of where your donations are going?

Here are some examples!

A single teen mother of two who has spent most of her life battling homelessness and overcoming immense trauma has always had the seemingly impossible dream of traveling to another country. Community donations paid for her to obtain a passport and spend a week in Mexico climbing the tallest volcanoes and building a house for youth experiencing homelessness in Mexico.

A twenty-two year old mother who is currently experiencing homelessness has a beautiful story that she wants the world to hear. Through state welfare programs all she has access to are remedial “Life Skills” and “Resume Preparation” workshops, but she longs for a platform to have her story heard. Through access to a full scholarship, she was able to a attend a week long intensive writing and story telling class that culminated in an opportunity for her to share her story on stage in an auditorium full of eager listeners.

A twenty-one year old single mother experiencing homelessness has a dream of becoming a professional photographer. She has an eye for seeing the world through a unique lens and an inner artist that cannot be tamed, which is driving her to seek a bachelor’s degree in photography. Though welfare offers support to attend college, it also tells her that this dream isn’t practical and they can only support a practical degree in something like culinary studies. Donations to the Creation District will support her in funding a photography apprenticeship, access to a digital camera, and programming at the Creation District to practice her artistry and hone her craft.


These dreams are just a few from the hundreds out there that we are working to make come true for our youth each and every day. Join us in the Creative Revolution of bringing dreams within reach for each and every young person who is bold enough to dare to dream big!