Creation District Basic Supply LisT

  1. Paint Brushes (All Sizes)
  2. Acrylic, Tempera, and Watercolor Paints (Color Variety)
  3. Oil and Chalk Pastels
  4. Pens, Pencils (Colored and Graphite), Markers
  5. Paper (Lined, Graph, Butcher, Poster, Drawing, Cardstock, Construction, Collage)
  6. Tape (Masking, Duct, Scotch)
  7. Scissors
  8. Journals/Notebooks
  9. Modeling Clay (Bulk Available Upon Request)
  10. Rulers
  11. Fabric Swatches (Cotton, Felt, Leather)
  12. Yarn
  13. Magazines and Collage Material
  14. Basic Tools (Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Hammers, Pliers, Tape Measure)
  15. Glue (Sticks and Bottle)
  16. Music Gear (Guitar, Bass, Various Pedals, Speakers, Mixer, XLR Cables, Quarter Inch Cables, Microphone, Saxophone, Key Board, Drum Kit, Drum Sticks)
  17. Chicken Wire
  18. Wire Cutters
  19. Various Costume Pieces
  20. Projector
  21. Needles and Thread
  22. Canvas (Bulk Available Upon Request)
  23. Cardboard (Bulk Available Upon Request)