Your whole life you have been taught that education is composed of algebra, history, sentence diagrams, and the structure of an atom. At the Creation District, we recognize the value of these forms of education, but we place an even higher value on living out loud, fostering community, laughing recklessly, becoming an agent of change, conjuring greatness, dreaming big, and conquering convention. We are an academy for the misfits, the outlandish, the quiet dreamers, the troublemakers, and all who live on purpose.

We offer a comprehensive list of classes that are constantly changing and growing. Aimed at youth ages 14 – 26, our classes tackle social justice, active mindfulness, exercising power, critical and creative thinking, becoming change-makers, telling our stories, and so much more.

A list of classes and descriptions can be found below, but check out our calendar to see what is being offered right now!

Living Fearlessly through Improv: This workshop is offered as both a one-day intensive program or an eight-week series of workshops. The class explores the many different forms of wisdom and empowerment that can be learned through improvisational theatre. Learn to say “Yes-And” to an idea instead of “No-But.” Jump into an idea and trust your gut even when you don’t have every detail planned out. Listen to your teammates or you might miss something big, and embrace mistake-making by learning to laugh at yourself!

Radical Self Love: Radical Self Love is a 10-week workshop series culminating in a final spoken word performance open to the public. The workshop series is accompanied by the book The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. The goals of this series are to identify and move forward from “flaws” that interfere with our sense of worth, explore different art forms (theatre, visual art, and poetry) as a way to express and convey our thoughts and feelings, develop a tool kit of easily replicable self-care practices, and build a community of individuals from all different walks of life experiencing the same human epidemic of yearning to accept and love ourselves for who we are, not who we think we should be.

My Story is Not an Apology: The gift of storytelling is one that has been in existence since the beginning of time. It seems that human nature has always believed that the act of storytelling is imperative for survival. Especially in society today where life is so fast-paced that any time for reflection is replaced by zoning out in front of an LED screen. It becomes more and more important that we learn how to make sense of the details of our lives through the act of storytelling. My Story is Not an Apology is an interactive eight-week workshop series that breaks down what we want our stories to say about us, how we want to tell them, and why we should continue to author them intentionally and mindfully. This workshop is rooted in the technique of Playback Theatre, in which performers learn to capture the essence of real life stories and improvise them in the moment on stage.

Transformative Play: Who says monkey bars and hula-hoops are just for kids? Transformative play in a multi session workshop that explores the art of mindfulness and gratitude through different elements of play. Make a wish jar, document the clouds, create a Zen garden, become your own superhero and much more all while reconnecting with your inner child and studying the affects that play has on the brain.

Recovery Group for Creative Discouragement: Sculpt, grow, splatter, build, dream, paint, and draw in a group designed for those who currently are, or perhaps always were, experiencing a creative drought. Perfectly trained artists need not apply; this group is for those of us who struggle with claiming the title of an artist. We will read inspiring texts, create art from open-ended prompts, discover our own wells of inspiration, and proceed fearlessly into the land of creation!