At the Creation District, we believe that summer camp should be filled with play, engaging challenge, unapologetic silliness, creative enrichment, and a profound opportunity for authentic exploration and self-expression. 

That’s why creation is at the cornerstone of each and every one of our camps. Be it creating a cardboard village, a pop up restaurant, a guerilla art installation, or a new invention, a camper’s mind, heart, and body will be encouraged to engage with the world of imagination..

What makes Creation District camps different?

While many camps cater to a specialization, such as drama camp for the creative, sports camp for the athlete, or coding camp for the academic, the Creation District caters to each individual as a whole. We believe that children should not be pigeon holed into just one category, but engage with activities and projects that work a range of muscles, wander out of comfort zones, and discover new possibilities.

No matter which camp you sign up for at the Creation District, it will embody the following values: