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The Creation District is inviting you to join in igniting passion and belief in change into the lives of youth and young adults in Sacramento. We are seeking Workshop Leaders to teach a class (or multiple classes!) in their field to youth experiencing homelessness and economic instability. Workshops will take place weekdays between 9AM and 4PM at the Creation District Studio, which is relocating to the new Wind Drop-in Center opening this March at 815 S Street Sacramento CA 95817. 

All youth need an opportunity to experiment with the world around them to ignite their passions. The first time you play a chord on the guitar, lace up a pair of ballet shoes, mix a beat, splatter a blank canvas in paint, dig your hands into clay—these are experiences all youth deserve to have, but are all too often out of reach to youth experiencing homelessness and economic instability.

The Creation District is about providing teens and young adults  with the tools they need to dive head first into the world of creation and artistic abandon. We have the supplies, the studio space, and the youth --we just need YOU to share your passion and teach what you love.  All levels of commitment are welcome, from occasional pop-up workshops to regular weekly or monthly classes.

What subjects are we looking for? Anything rooted in creativity and fun! This might look like a workshop in designing apps, cultivating community gardens, yoga and mindfulness, spoken word or slam poetry, stand-up comedy, cardboard furniture design, hand drumming, or any other oddball or mainstream creative pursuit that inspires you and might likewise inspire youth eager for a chance to explore their inner creativity. All too often, youth in the system are exposed to a myriad of dull “life skills” classes that teach the height of passion in life is balancing a checkbook. We’re here to change that. These workshops are about building, designing, problem solving, thinking, exploring, tinkering, failing, and trying again. Think of the thing that makes you feel so alive you forget to breathe. Teach that thing. 

You can make a difference in these youths’ lives. And they can make a difference in yours.In addition to the  reward of getting to share what you love while building relationships with a community of youth bursting at the seams with talent to share, love to offer, and wisdom to learn from, there are a few perks to volunteering as a Creation District Workshop Leader. The Creation District is able to offer sliding scale payment to workshop leaders depending on experience teaching, experience in your craft, and experience working with youth from underprivileged demographics. While teaching as a Workshop Leader, you will have the opportunity to network with a multitude of nonprofit services working in housing, mental health, education, medical, and more. Join a team of hard working social workers eager to build a better world for Sacramento’s youth experiencing homelessness. Create real change in the world by serving as a creative mentor to youth who have lacked access to the arts and quality education. Get back in touch with your own creative roots by committing to quality time nurturing and teaching your passion. 

Learn more about teaching at the Creation District by reading our Frequently Asked Questions!


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