Is The Creation District a non-profit or a for-profit?

Good question! The Creation District is a new program from Waking the Village, the nonprofit which also runs Tubman House (a community for young parents experiencing homelessness) and Art Beast (a creative space for families). The Creation District was born out of the belief that all youth, regardless of background or income level, should have access to creative space. You’ll notice that some classes are full priced, some are free, and others depend on need and income status. All proceeds generated by The Creation District used to expand opportunities for youth in need to be able to access the center. In other words, every class you pay for is also buying a class for another youth who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Thanks for that!

Why are you located on 44th Street and not some hip midtown building?

This was a deliberate and intentional choice to further our mission of connecting youth from all different backgrounds. By placing The Creation District at The Fruitridge Community Collaborative, we resisting gentrification by investing in the surrounding community and bringing robust programming to areas that are denied an infusion of art, theatre, and music. The Fruitridge Community Collaborative is a safe, tight knit community, located just down the street from the youth, young adults, and schools bursting with creative possibilities.

Where can I park?

When you first pull up to the Fruitridge Community Collaborative, there is an open lot in the front, all if those spaces are free to park in. If those spaces are full, on the right of the building there is a gate that will be open, drive through the gate to enter another lot of free spaces. The center is also surrounded by ample free street parking.

What ages do you work with?

The Creation District classes are geared towards youth ages 14 – 26, though we keep an open environment and non-exclusive attitude. While some classes have strict age limits due to the nature of the content and activities being tackled, others are more flexible for those a little bit younger or a little bit older who are very interested. Age limits are listed at the bottom of course offerings, but you can always call or send a message to find out if we may be able to accommodate your age group.

What about summer camps?

Our summer camps are geared towards our slightly younger creators ages 8 – 13. Again, feel free to contact us if you are just outside these limits, but very interested in the specific camp offering!