All Summer Camps run from 9AM - 4PM Monday - Friday. Cost is $225 per camper with a $75 deposit made upon registration and full fee due by the Thursday prior to camp start.

Camp Mindfulness: How to be an Explorer of the World
June 20 - June 24
Camp Teacher: Grace Loescher

Create, design, observe, and document the world around you in this five-day exploration of what life looks like in a world without LED screens and iproducts defining our every move. Campers will learn new ways to engage with their surroundings such as creating their own “found paint” set by using berries, leaves, and mud as pigment or documenting cloud shapes and movement in their Sky Tracker Log. Learn to see life through a new lens by matching paint chips to the outdoor environment and discovering the connection between home depot red and the color of a lady bug shell. Spend five days making a mess, moving your body, breaking the rules, getting dirty, and developing a new understanding and appreciation for the simple parts of life that we begin to take for granted when we grow up. On the last day, campers will display their findings and observations in a mini museum open to the community so that they can teach adults a thing or two about living.

Craftivism: An Introduction to Guerilla Art for the Young Banksy
July 5 - July 8
Camp Teacher: Grace Loescher

Camp Price: $190

Through sculpture, paint, gardening, baking, and more, discover the secret society of Guerilla Art and how we can spread joy in the community while embracing a little mischief along the way. Our week will include everything from building seed bombs to make instant public gardens to crafting paper mache “Sculpture Bandits” to be left in places that need a little extra inspiration. We will also learn a bit about the history of Guerilla Art, how its being used today, and focus on a few specific issues that we can each play a part in tackling. Whether it’s creating an edible landfill or designing a community Moss Mural, you are bound to get in touch with your inner rebel and create some change along the way!

Makers Sculpture Studio: Carving, Cutting, Creating
July 11 - July 15
Camp Teacher: Lyndsey Roush

Calling all mini-Michelangelos to the studio! The makers movement takes a break from the technical and goes back to the roots of hand crafted creation in this five-day sculpture studio. This camp will be a balance between technique and open-ended creation, including the options to make spirit animal masks, wooden assemblages, shadowbox reliquaries and so much more along the way. Each day take home a new 3D creation to put mom’s old vase collection to shame. Make room for the next generation of sculptors, builders, creators, and tinkerers in this summer’s Makers Sculpture Studio!

From Wearables to Wallhangings: Textile Creations Lab
July 18 - July 22
Camp Teacher: Lyndsey Roush

Explore a variety of two and three-dimensional forms of textile arts including textile dying, simple silk-screening, weaving, embroidery, and much more. We will make silkscreened canvas patches, wall hangings with integrating natural elements, dyed and printed tapestries, and lots of playful mess along the way. Don’t mistake this adventure lab for your everyday fashion camp, but rather a creation tank to tinker with fabric and soft materials in a new and innovative way. This camp is designed for all skill levels, though be forewarned that you will never look at a spool of thread or a roll of fabric the same way again!

Bricks and Books: Service Learning Through Literacy
July 18 - July 22
Camp Teacher: Addison Duane

We’ve all become accustomed to hearing moans and groans when teachers pass around the summer reading list, but what if we didn’t just tackle reading with our noses in a book, but got out in the community and created some hands on literacy projects? Spend five days building pop-up libraries in secret spots throughout the community, gather used books from organizations, and ultimately design and create a library for a group of children experiencing homelessness who otherwise would not have access to reading materials. Of course there will be reading, but there will also be innovative problem solving, blueprint mapping and aesthetic designing, community engagement, and service learning all along the way. Whether you are a bookworm who loves to read, or a book critic looking for a new way to engage with literacy, you are sure to find excitement, fun, and challenge in this weeklong adventure!